Toronto Aviation History - Flashbacks

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Instrument Panel of a 1917 S.E.5a Wolsely Viper

Diagram of an Instrument Panel of a 1917 S.E.5a Wolsely Viper


Pte. Walter Arthur Winson of the 1st Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade

Billy Bishop's 85 Squadron


CBC Engineer Harold Wadsworth suited up for a bombing run over Germany

RCAF LAC's at Sunnyside Fresh Air Dance 1942


The Santa Maria at Toronto Harbour May 14, 1921

Consolidated Vaultee BT-13 Trainers on the production line WWII


Oct 14, 1947 Bell X-1 becomes the first
aircraft to break the sound barrier
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The X-1E guards NASA Dryden Flight
Research Centre's main building.


DHC-3 Otter Prototype First Flight at Downsview

Early U-2 Spy Plane


North Star Assembly Line
 at Canadair Ltd. Montreal 1947

The Learjet Model 28-29 was the first production jet aircraft to utilize NASA developed winglets and entered service in 1979


WWI RFC Pilot in Dress Uniform

WWI RFC Pilot - Sopwith Camel

WWI RFC Pilot in Flying Garb


Jimmie Doolittle and his Curtiss R3C-2 Racer Winner of the 1925 Schneider Cup Race At Baltimore October 24, 1925
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Jacques Schneider Cup poster 1925 - Race was won by Jimmie Doolittle at an average speed of 232.57 miles per hour.
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Arrow RL204 Taxiing at Malton

CF-100 Prototype #18102


Goodyear Blimp over Ottawa 1990's

R100 Airship Over Toronto August 11,1930

For the full story see "Aero Galleries > Lighter-Than-Air


View of Toronto from the R100 August 11, 1930

R100 Airship Over the Bank of Commerce Toronto August 11,1930


Toronto Flying Club Photos Courtesy -
The Early Airfields of Toronto - Author Dr. Robert D. Galway

G-CAJU, the first Moth ever assembled by de Havilland Canada
brandishing a scheme used by the Toronto Flying Club in the late twenties.


Toronto Flying Club, 1928

Toronto Flying Club, 1930

John Varey receiving his pilot's licence  at the Toronto Flying Club


Ford Tri Motor SAT-89 at Barker field Aug. 26, 1931

Curtiss P-36's at Little Norway - Toronto Island Airport 1941


Malton Airport 1938

Curtiss P-40's Being Assembled in Buffalo N.Y. WWII


1965 Maule M4-210 Rocket

North Toronto Aerodromes - Airports of the Past


The RCAF Golden Centennaires Aerobatic Team - 1967

RCAF Golden Hawks Aerobatic Team 1959-1964


WWII ATA Pilot Notes

Menasco Pirate4 Engine Installed on a dH82C Tiger Moth


B-24 Liberators on the Assembly Line WWII


Canuck Flyover at the 1946 Downsview Airshow

Imperial Airways Cambria at Toronto Island Lagoon for Repairs


Christmas Delivery North of Superior 1950's

Winston Churchill gives his famous V for Victory Salute, June 1943


British WWII Poster

British WWII Poster Inspired by Winston Churchill


The Globe & Mail's Grumman G-73 Mallard CF-EIZ

Fleet 80 at the 1946 Downsview Air Show


DC-9 Roll-out at Long Beach January 1965

A DHC-3 Otter (CC-123) of 115 Air Transport Unit


DHC Otter Postage Stamp


Wardair B747 1980's

DHC Test Pilot George Neal on a test flight in Vampire 17057


1946 Aeronca Advertisement

1930's Terminal At Buffalo - Niagara Airport


Arrow Replica RL 203 & Snowbirds Tutor - Part of the Canadian Air & Space Museum Collection in a happier time


Christie's Cracker Ad WWII Photo

Bill Tee with Fleet Canuck CF- DQY 1965 at St. Catharines Airport


TCA Ad 1952

Stinson Reliant CF - BGO at Toronto Island Airport 1930's


Early Television Satellite 1960s

Cub Aircraft Corp Ad - Canadian Aviation, April 1940 Edition


Bell Model 30 Prototype Ship 2 1944 Hover Demonstration

1956 AVRO Aircraft Limited Advertisement


Flying Magazine March 1960 Issue

Heath Parasol (Modified) at Barker Field 1940


Canadian Pacific Airlines DC-3

Servicing of RCAF Vampires at deHavilland Canada