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400 Squadron Historical Society

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400 Squadron Badge and Patch

400 Squadron Memorial - Trenton

400 Squadron CH-146 Griffons


Operation Nanook

400 Squadron Badge
Motto"On Watch To Strike"

400 Squadron Battle Honours

CH-136 Bell Kiowa 400 Squadron Retirement Scheme


Postwar dh 100 Vampires

Griffons by the CN Tower 

400-411 Sabres Up Close & Personal

400 Squadron Aircraft 1932 - 2017


400 Squadron with dH Otter

Summer Camp 1955 at St. Hubert 

Doing dreaded paperwork at Camp Borden

Expeditor Days at 400 Squadron


Pilots rush to their Lysanders

RCAF Lysander III No. 418 

Lysander Three View Mk I & III

Lysander #416


Tomahawk on engine run up

Curtiss Tomahawk I

Tomahawk I landing gear inspection

Two 400 Squadron Tomahawks on patrol


Mosquito Bomber

Mosquito showing invasion stripes and radar nose

400 Squadron Spitfire PR.XI

Spitfire PR.XI showing reconnaissance colours


Harvard II AH185

400 Squadron Harvard II AAH

dh 100 Vampires in Postwar

dH100 III Vampire 3 - View