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First Flight December 17, 1903

AEA Members

Cynet II Kite at Baddeck

Silver Dart - February 23, 1909


Cessna flies 1912 Silver Wings

Barker with a Sopwith Camel

CAF Sopwith Dolphins

R-100 Toronto 1930


Toronto Flying Club - 1930's

Hughes H-1 Racer - 1935

Sikorsky S-42 Flying Boat

Sikorsky S-42 over Miami


Malton Airport - 1939

DC-3 at Malton Airport - 1938

Cornell Trainer

Rocket-firing Typhoon


RAF Trainee Pilot F. Williamson

Curtiss Helldiver SBF-1

Curtiss Helldiver SBF-1

Super DC -6B


Royal Navy dH Sea Hornet

Beaver Float Certification Trials

Avro Canada C-102 Jetliner

Avro Arrow RL201