“This timely book celebrates the women of the RCAF Women’s Division (WD’s) & nursing Sisters during World War II. The Air Force was the first force to admit women into its ranks (First in) and the WDs remained in the war the longest (Last Out). The army and the navy women entered after the Air Force women did and left their units before the WDs thus making the phrase “First In Last Out” a descriptive title. The air force women were trailblazers, training in roles that were previously unheard of for women. The book documents their experiences and their stories show other young women that they too can choose to take challenging new paths and do things that may even change history.”

Dr. Roberta Bondar, in her foreword to the book states “these women were performing difficult and Crucial jobs, and their stories are fascinating. It is a wonderful and necessary chapter of our country’s history that Glad Bryce has written about so movingly.”

About The Author

Glad Bryce is an accomplished athlete. In 2009 she travelled to Sweden and won three gold medals in the FINA World Swim Championships. Her competitive strokes include all four strokes with the back stroke being her specialty. Glad also is a renown watercolorist and her paintings are in many homes and galleries. Glad’s community involvement includes her home town of Bala in the Muskokas and beyond. She is the Secretary of Bala’s Cranberry Festival, heads up the Guides for “The Trek to Bethlehem”, an annual outdoor pageant held every December as well as performing in theatre around Muskoka and regularly appearing in Murder Mysteries. Glad works with a TTT youth group at Bala’s Trinity-St. Alban’s Anglican Church and a Senior’s Thursday group.

Glad is a graduate of York University with an Honours B.A. in Sociology. Glad completed an M.A. in Sociology at the University of Toronto, specializing in Adult Education and Counselling. She became a Registered Therapist following her Post Degree Training at Boston University. Her teaching career includes high school, college and university levels.

As an author, her book, “Divorce and Spiritual Growth,” provided a healing presence in the Anglican Church’s struggle with divorced persons during the seventies and eighties. Other publications include “Blended Family Resource Guide”, “Inner City Education and the Role of Women in Today’s World” and “An Effective Approach to Christian Parenting”. Her recent book, “First In Last Out”, is the story of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Women’s Division & Nursing sisters in World War II”. She feels very privileged to have spent the last four years uncovering the remarkable women who call themselves WDs.

All proceeds from the sale of her book go to scholarships for women.

Published by Published by the University Women’s Club of Toronto
ISBN 978- 0-9865195-0-5
Hardcover, 224 pp
Glad’s website for ordering books is www.firstinlastout.ca or click here for the order form