This book is a collection of true incidents and bizarre stories of aircraft and people encountered while trying to develop a small airline business in Newfoundland and Labrador during the sixties and seventies. Bush flying in Newfoundland and Labrador is very much the equivalent of the Canadian North with treacherous weather thrown in for good measure and author Gene Manion places you right in the cockpit with him. In his account of trying to start a bushplane and helicopter charter service he shares with the reader both the triumphs and difficulties of that journey.

The Honourable John Crosbie PC, OC, ONL, QC, in his foreword to the book stated “I am pleased to extol high merit to Gene Manion’s book “Flying on the Edge.” This book provides a vivid description of the Newfoundland people, politicians and sealing industry during the period from 1960 – 2000. It is the best account I have ever read of bush flying in this province or anywhere, and the best descriptions of coastal and inland Newfoundland and of our rivers and wildlife.”

“Manion’s book is an excellent account of the dedication and perseverance of his team of pilots and staff who would not give up, of how they dealt with inadequate funding and countless difficult situations. These are dramatic exploits that never made the news, although they are still remembered around the kitchen tables and bush camps by those who were aware.”

About The Author

Gene grew up on a small dairy farm on Wolfe Island, near Kingston, and was fascinated by the low flying Harvard trainers that were being used by the RCAF during WWII. The day after high school graduation, and using a false birth certificate, he joined the RCAF for pilot training. Over the next seven years, Gene instructed NATO students and then flew CF-100 interceptors for the next four years during the Cold War. Disgruntled with the cancellation of the Avro Arrow, he resigned from the air force in 1959 and became involved with bush flying.

In 1960 he accepted a bush flying job in Newfoundland with a small company. When that company became financially troubled, Gene struggled to start his own charter service. It was a difficult path…..without financing, base licenses or aircraft. He was faced with fierce competition, shady politicians and terrible weather. With help from friends, a dedicated staff and passionate ambition, his little company survived with the use of unorthodox methods and innovations.

After 43 years in Newfoundland and over 13,000 accident free hours of flying on 27 types of aircraft and helicopters, Gene and his wife Nina are now enjoying a mellow retirement on the shores of Howe Island. Writing, boating and hunting are still on his personal agenda.

Published by DRC Publishing St. John’s, Newfoundland
ISBN 978 – 1 – 926689 – 05 – 0
365 Pages B & W Illustrations Cover Paintings by Don Connolly
Available at Chapters bookstores and other online stores.