Prior to the United States entry into WWII, thousands of Americans found a way into combat through the RAF and RCAF. They were a breed apart. Many saw an opportunity to prove their worth after having been previously rejected by their country’s military. Others were simply adventure seekers drawn to the opportunity to fly fast aircraft. Immigrants of War is a collection of memories, in their own words, of those who were a part of this fascinating story.

“The Few” no, not those dashing heroes of the Battle of Britain, but those young Americans in 1940-41, who volunteered for service in the Royal Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force. Many would end up “across the pond” in the RAF in England, where they would serve with great distinction. These were the so called “cast offs”, the men the Army Air Corps would not take because of lack of education or ability. Names like LC “Lance” Wade, Don Blakeslee, Don Gentile, John “Red” Campbell and future members of the 100th Bomb Group. They all had a passion to fly, the adventurous American “can do” spirit and the foresight to know that sooner vs. later, America would be in this War.

They came from all over America and (Wally) Peter Fydenchuk has spent a great amount of time, energy and effort to research the history and contributions of many of these men. This book is an important chapter in the Air War over England, Europe, Malta and the Western Desert, that would have been lost had it not been for Mr. Fydenchuk’s tireless efforts to uncover these “diamonds in the rough” from America.

Immigrants of War by W. Peter Fydenchuk, 395 pages 9th Edition

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