Night Madness chronicles the incredible story of Ron Pyves, a teenage tail-gunner who fought over the war-torn skies of Europe in the last months of World War II. For over 30 harrowing missions, Ron and his crew flew deep into the heart of Europe, pushing Hitler back into the Rhineland. Despite skies dark with Messerschmitts and anti-aircraft flak, they returned back to bomber base in England, only to face another fight, night after night.

Beating the odds, Ron made it through the war physically intact, only to face a new battle on the homefront—fighting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by the memories of battle and his participation in the controversial bombing of Dresden.

Based on interviews, painstaking archival research, and a long-distance love affair captured in daily correspondence, Richard Pyves weaves together a touching love story and one man’s very personal war.

Richard Pyve is an avid historian and genealogist. He grew up in Montreal and is a graduate of McGill University. He now lives outside Toronto. Night Madness is the story of his father.

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