Ode to the mighty Beaver!

Beaver #1000 which rolled off the line at Downsview in late 1956. Still flying today as a seaplane in B.C. carrying passengers every day – A tough bird!

The X-Planes

CH124 Sea King Helicopter

Going out with Style

Read an article by LCol Travis Chapman, CO 443 (MH) Squadron saluting the CH124 at it’s retirement after serving generations of Canadians at home and Canada’s foreign policy abroad for over 55 years.

Dornier Wal J Do16

Fleet Canuck !

Flying witness to the Canadian character: tough, resilient, adaptable

Curtiss JN-4 Canuck

Canada Aviation and Space Museum

The Canadair CL-13B Sabre MK6 History
The Avro Canada CF-100 MK 5D Canuck History

The Great War Flying Museum

A WWI Aviation History Experience

PowerPoint Movie

The Great War Flying Museum

In honour of the pilots of the Great War

PowerPoint Movie

The Merlin/Metro Story